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IPTV Digital TV channels and video content is being provided without any liability from GSATV Group LTD. regarding copyrights.

GSATV Group LTD's services are list streaming transport services with media originating from external websites and internet sources.

Channel availability may vary and change from time to time as this is completely outside of our control. This is not a source or any other web media server.

GSATV Group LTD. is not responsible for guaranteeing server uptime or stability and no refunds will be issued if service provider gets shut down and/or closes without notice, for server feeds being down, or any other reason(s) beyond the control of GSATV Group LTD.

GSATV Group LTD. is not responsible for poor quality images, sound, or dead feeds.

It is recommended to subscribe to an unlimited internet connection provider with high speed download capacity to avoid any unpleasant charges or fees on over usage (slow internet, bills, etc.). A minimum internet connection speed of 30 Mbps download speed is recommended to be able to have access to all TV channels on the GSATV Group LTD. index.

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